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EXCLUSIVE: MONO - Death In Reverse

15 October 2015 | 3:55 pm | Staff Writer

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Ahead of their tour this December, Japanese instrumental rockers MONO are releasing a split EP on a 12" vinyl with German progressive metal outfit The Ocean, and is lucky enough to host one of the two tracks on it — MONO's Death In Reverse!

Though they may seem like bands from opposite ends of the earth and musical spectrums, they have much in common, including their shared penchant for double albums, long, cinematic compositions and touring the lengths of the globe.

MONO's main songwriter Takaakira Goto says of Death In Reverse, "The theme of this track is life and death and regeneration. Even when our bodies decay and decompose, our souls will prevail unchanged. Our bodies will act as seeds for the next generation, while our souls will journey together into our new eternal life.

"This is the story we want to explore with our next album, a portrayal of our journey through life towards death; from living out our lives proud and high, to bodies immolating, infused with precious memories... and through the vast, noisy tunnel of space, we become pure souls - a single drop of water in the fountain of life."

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The two bands will soon be heading off on a European adventure together, though Mono will first play Australian venues in early December.