EP Focus: Girl With Cake

1 August 2012 | 1:30 am | Staff Writer

Girl With Cake tell us about their fourth self-produced EP, Drowned Not Dead.

How many releases do you have now?
Jasmin Fiske, bass/violin: Drowned Not Dead will be our fourth self-produced EP, following on from The First Cut (2005), Stick To Your Guns (2006) and Forget Me, Rot (2011) as well as an awesome live album thanks to ZZZFM, which was released locally in 2005 as Pony Club.

How long did it take to write/record?
Maybe three months to develop the songs (as far as writing goes). We usually smash out bits of our recording over time whenever we get a chance. So if you totalled up the time for this one, we probably did the four songs in two or three days.

What was inspiring you during the making of the EP?
Well Sarah, our singer/guitarist, does most of the songwriting. She usually writes her best stuff when she's pissed off… so probably anger.

What's your favourite song on it?
My favourite would be track four, Western. I really enjoy doing the tempo changes, and I get to muck around on the violin a bit too.

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We'll like the EP if we like…
Something a bit grungy with awesome lady vocals and heaps of energy.

Will you be launching it?
Yup, at the Barleycorn Hotel, on Johnston Street, Fitzroy on Thursday 2 August, and at Idgaff on Hoddle Street, Abbotsford on Sunday 5 August. We know they're both school nights, but it won't run too late, so come along!