On Tasting "Sweet, Supple, Salty Fish Lips"

22 March 2016 | 3:00 pm | Staff Writer

"A sketch comedy show performed by three effervescent fishy boys."

"The Million Dollar Fish is a sketch comedy show performed by three effervescent fishy boys," Elliott Gee, one of the stars of this MICF show that also features Andrew Billing and Salvatore Gulinello, enlightens. "We follow the story of a humble fisherman, The Million Dollar Fish himself as well as the famous Rex Hunt back from the deepest, darkest depths and ready to taste those sweet, supple, salty fish lips once again." Gee reveals that The Million Dollar Fish was the first title suggested "as a joke" when the comedy trio started brainstorming. According to Gee, the trio responded in unison ("I'm hooked") when the "kind of ridiculous name" was thrown out there. "From this moment on we created a storyline based around the idea of The Million Dollar Fish," he concludes.

On whether there's anything that comics shouldn't joke about, Gee shares, "Never joke about foundation mathematics. It's the building blocks, the foundation of society." Gee claims he only realised he was a comedian when labelled as such for this very article. So what would Gee be doing if he wasn't a comedian? "Probably fishing," he says.

When asked to describe his perfect audience, Gee offers, "For this show a school of fish would definitely suffice or preferably a crowd that can breathe underwater. Ultimately the crowd that Ellen DeGeneres pulls for her shows would be perfect." Once The Million Dollar Fish wraps, Gee hopes, "We will once again see Rex Hunt rocking out with his rod out and jerking his bait on national television".