Drunk Mums Reveal The Funniest & Strangest Shows They've Ever Played

15 March 2024 | 2:56 pm | Mary Varvaris

To celebrate their new album, Jake “Dingo” Doyle has shared the funniest and strangest shows Drunk Mums have ever played.

Drunk Mums

Drunk Mums (Credit: Scott Marrinan)

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Aussie punks Drunk Mums recently released their new album, Beer Baby, and are preparing for an accompanying tour this May and June. To celebrate, songwriter Jake DingoDoyle has shared the funniest and strangest shows the band have ever played.

Before we get to that, though, a little more information: Drunk Mums are touring across the country soon, beginning at Perth’s Amplifier Bar on Friday, 17 May, followed by gigs at Adelaide’s Jive (18 May), Sydney’s Crowbar (Friday, 31 May), Brisbane’s Brightside (Friday, 7 June), and Melbourne’s Max Watts (Friday, 21 June).

Their new album arrived with the “reminder that cool songs can emerge from mundane places”, such as Doyle’s working in a Toll warehouse near Melbourne Airport.

Beer Baby was recorded at Hothouse Audio, which has been used by the likes of Franz Ferdinand and Jet, with producer Jez Giddings (Clowns, Kingswood). It followed 2018’s Urban Cowboy and was released via LEGLESS, Gaga Music, and Bachelor Records (UK).

Without further ado, here are the funniest and strangest shows Drunk Mum have ever played, courtesy of Dingo.

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Now, I’m sure there’s a bunch of crazy ones I’m missing/forgot, but here’s Top 5 Funniest and Strangest Shows We've Played.

1.        Indonesian Flame Thrower

After being a band for a while, we realized we hadn’t played overseas. So, we booked flights to Indonesia for a tour because it was the cheapest country to get to. We rocked up to this shack in the jungle that had kids all drunk off homebrew. While playing, someone started using a flamethrower in the pit, and firecrackers started going off everywhere.

2.        French Guitar Willy

Our first show in France was at some Irish-type pub with a great underground band room. The crowd was hyped, and so were we. As we were rocking, these two larrikins were getting into it up the front. The guy behind reaches around his mate, pulls out his willy, proceeds to stretch it out as far as he can, and starts strumming it like a guitar, rocking along with our song.

3.        The Disco-lated Knee

We played a ripper set at Space 44’s outdoor street festival called “Sounds of the Suburbs.” Then afterwards, we all let our hair down at the Mexican restaurant/disco club next door. Adam was doing this cool new move at the time where you kick your leg out as hard as you can.

While performing the move, his kneecap has made its way halfway down his leg, and Adam is now lying down with people dancing around him. Jimmy from Dumb Punts jumps into the scene and relocates Adam's kneecap, and we proceed to party until the hospital opens in the morning.

4.        Poo Pit

This one's a bit blurry for me, but apparently, while we were performing at the old Cherry Bar on AC/DC Lane, a crowd surfer hung off the wrong pipe, and sewage sprayed a packed-out Cherry mosh pit. We continued on with the set, and people seemed to stay.

5.        Brisbane Laydown

Once in Brisbane, we performed the whole set laying down.

Anyhow, that’s our “Top 5 Funniest and Strangest Shows We've Played.” Let us know if you've witnessed one that should be on this list. Can’t wait for more wacky and wonderful adventures and stories to be made from the road.

Beer Baby is out now. You can find Drunk Mums on tour this May and June – tickets are available here.




Friday 17 May - Amplifier, Perth

Saturday 18 May - Jive, Adelaide

Friday 31 May - Crowbar, Sydney

Friday 7 June - The Brightside, Brisbane

Friday 21 June - Max Watts, Melbourne