DJ Leighton: Glow Off.

30 September 2002 | 12:00 am | Craig New
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Leighton, Who’s It?

DJ Leighton plays Recharge at the Arena this Saturday and Sundex at the Winery this Sunday.

New Zealand trance maestro DJ Leighton is finally making the pilgrimage to our shores, set to bang it out in the Trance room this Saturday night at Recharge, with a second appearance the next day at Sundex. He's pretty amped about playing Brisbane...

How long have you been DJ'in?

“10 years.”

What got you started?

“I used to watch a guy DJing at a club when I was about 17 and thought "I can do that", he one day asked me if I wanted to have a go so I did, and still do...”

Describe your style?

“Trance / Hard Trance, real high energy, massive basslines and even bigger synth riffs.”

How's the NZ scene? Is it pretty big? What's rocking it over there?

“The Club scene in NZ is not as good as it has been in the past due to the huge amount of bigger events on, Slinky, Gods Kitchen, Gatecrasher all attract 3000 - 5000, then there are events like Fevah and similar which get 500 - 1000 at them on almost every second weekend!”

What are the shining lights of production in NZ?

“I think dim glow might be a better description? Nah seriously there are a few guys who have a lot of talent and are very close to getting something released, me being one of them, we all need a tiny bit of coaching in small areas and we'll be there.”

Are ravers getting crazier, or are we getting older?

“Who's old? Age is a state of mind... I reckon I'm getting crazier the older I get, I think most people in this scene would say the same.”

Top five tracks of the moment? 

“Serious Sound – Guyver, Music Is The Drug - Lee Haslem, Hit It Harder - Headz Up, Free Your Mind – Christiaan, Beat Junkie – Marcos.”

What can we all expect from you at Recharge?

“To play records…”

If you could make one person the pope, who would it be?

“Ali G.”

Any inspiring words to wannabe DJ's out there?

“Don't get caught up in the politics of the scene and buy killers, not fillers.”