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Day Of Contempt: The Lying Game.

2 December 2002 | 1:00 am | Bianca Valentino
Originally Appeared In

Those Were The Days.

Day Of Contempt play Bonapartes Hotel on Friday.

Since early '98 Adelaide hardcore heroes Day Of Contempt have been a force unto themselves impressing the hell out of people where ever they go with their metal-hardcore crossover, melody laced style. They're currently touring Australia-wide with US act Throwdown in support of their long awaited debut album See Through The Lies.

“It's been a long time in the waiting but were stoked its finally out. It's got ten songs, mostly all new, a couple we've played live and an oldie we've spruced up a bit. We spent two weeks in the studio with DW Norton from Superheist. He did an awesome job and were all really pleased with the outcome,” explains bassist Dan. “we wanted to put out something that we were happy with and something that was a really accurate indication of where we're at. We wanted to take it to a new level, put out a killer album that makes people go, damn!”

Do you think it differs to anything you've done or more of a continuation-evolution for you as a band?

“I mean it's definitely a continuation of earlier DOC, but it’s been a little while since the E.P was released so the band has grown a lot since then. There's been a couple of member changes in the last year so with new members always comes new drive and I think that played a big part in the album.

What inspired you guys musically and lyrically on this new album?

“Well we each have our own inspiration when it comes to music, I guess the key is to mix 'em all together and try and make something that kicks people in the ass! Lyrically, Ben writes about what frustrates him in life and taking a stand when you come up against things you don't agree with, basically about picking yourself up when life punches you in the mouth and living your own life.”

Known for their blistering, aggressive, emotionally charged live shows I ask how important is it that DOC to connect with their audience and break down audience/performer barriers?

“Well coming from a punk/hardcore background, connecting with the audience is what its all about. We definitely try to include the audience when we play, I mean sometimes its hard depending where you play but putting on a good live show is definitely what we aim to do.”

Last time you came to Brisbane you had some crazy merch, like g-strings; what cool merch we can expect to pick up this tour?

“Pens, stubby holders and umbrellas.”