Have You Heard: DaddyFrisco

11 April 2012 | 10:57 am | Staff Writer

Get to know local band DaddyFrisco

How did you get together? 

Chris Fegan (guitar/cocals): “Myself and Andy Kirkaldie met by chance at Sound Level Rehearsals, we were both at loose ends, Damien the bass player had played with Andy in the past  and was available! DaddyFrisco emerged from this. Everyone is on the same planet so it's great combination, something special about a three-piece! 

Sum up your musical sound in four words.

“Fuck Off Cool Rock!”

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You're sent into space and there's only room to bring one album – which would it be?

“The Clash – London Calling.”

Greatest rock'n'roll moment of your career?

Geez, there's been many: NZ touring, Australia, Germany, from big festival gigs to small local gigs. I remember playing at The Byron Bay Music Festival under the big top tent, it was 35 degrees and I was sweating like a bastard, and I remember looking up at punters rocking out and thinking, 'Fuck, I love doing this!'”

Why should people come and see your band?

“I remember seeing Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros before he died, totally awesome gig! I wasn't to know that he would pass away not that long after... You never know when you time is up, we play every gig with the passion that it could be your last – play it like ya mean it!” 

DaddyFrisco play the Prince Of Wales Hotel, Nundah on Saturday 14 April (supporting The Go Set).