Do Better: Stop Cred-checking People Wearing Band Shirts

3 May 2022 | 2:18 pm | Staff Writer
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Can we all just agree to stop "OH YOU ARE WEARING A BAND SHIRT - SHOW YOUR CRED BY NAMING THREE SONGS" and any equivalent please? It's 2022 and it's real dumb. And frankly, if you are mansplaining to literally COURTNEY LAPLANTE, the literal QUEEN of metalcore: far out, buddy, I don't know what to tell you, but you messed up.

Courtney LaPlante from Spiritbox

Courtney LaPlante from Spiritbox (Travis Shinn)

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Spiritbox's vocalist and frontperson, Courtney LaPlante took to her twitter to drop this little nugget of truth about an interaction at the Gym. 

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It was dumb years ago, and it's DUMB AF now. EVEN IF the person wearing the shirt knows very little about the band on the shirt they have on THEIR BODY, that's a COMPLETELY fine thing for them to be wearing. There is no SCENE POINTS requirement to wear anything on your own body, the least of which is to have to know every little detail about that band. Not only that, ESPECIALLY at the gym. That is sacred solo time of working out, getting in the zone, doing what you need to do, by yourself. DO NOT approach people at the gym. Man, there's so much wrong with this.

Throughout the Thread, LaPlante said the following:
"I am wearing my tie dye Etid shirt at the gym right now and the guy next to me asked me if I know the band so I’ve said “no” and he is now explaining the band to me. Imagine going up to someone and opening by asking if they know what the thing is on the shirt they are wearing"

"I don’t really think about talking about this stuff a lot because I’m not really into engaging on the internet as much these days but sometime I’ll have to tell you all the wild things men say to me."

"I think it’s cool when people ask me about bands when they see my shirt. But this guy didn’t do that he started with “do you know the band on the shirt your wearing?” hahah this kind of stuff happens a lot, but this was very funny so I thought I would share"

and then finishes with this "I want to thank all the men in the comments for clearing up for me that this interaction was awesome and that I am being a bitch."

Essentially: TL;DR - Don't be this jackass, no matter what gender you are.

Oh - and... go listen to Spiritbox and Every Time I Die, simply because they are both incredible.