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City Of Fire

17 April 2010 | 5:33 pm | Staff Writer
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In his rare time off City of Fire/ Fear Factory frontman Burton C Bell caught up with us to discuss upcoming tours and how his new side project is coming along

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In his rare time off City of Fire/ Fear Factory frontman Burton C Bell caught up with us to discuss upcoming tours and how his new side project is coming along

Could you please state your name, role in the band and favourite fizzy drink?

Hello! My name is Burton Christopher Bell. I am the vocalist for City Of Fire, and I love a good lager.

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City of Fire is still relatively unknown to your average punter in Australia. Could you please explain what you sound like and where you draw your influences from?

COF is a heavy groove, post psychedelic sound reminiscent of our favorite hard rock bands from the 70's, 80's, and early SUBPOP. Unlike all the other bands we are affiliate, we are not constrained to any particular concept.

The album was recorded with bass player Byron Stroud in his studio. What are the benefits of recording with one of the bands members as opposed to outsourcing and using another producer?

It was written in Byron's rehearsal spot, which is inside the motorcycle shop that he is part owner of. We recorded the demos at Little Profile, which is Terry 'SHO' Murray's studio. The vocals for RAIN were actually recorded in his home studio, with his cat PETE at the controls. We recorded the album at The Factory, which used to be named Little Mountain; where some of rocks biggest bands have recorded classics. Everyone in this band has been in the music industry for at least 20 years. We are all producers in our own right. We know what we are doing, and we know how to get what we want.

Are there any bands currently in circulation you would like to hit the road with in the future?


Who is responsible for the majority of the song writing? It must be difficult having members spread out and involved in other projects so how does the band formulate and construct an album?

It is not difficult at all. The song writing is simple, and always has a good flow. Everyone brings something to the table. The cool thing about this band is that we are not constrained to any concept.

With Fear Factory taking off once again, does this leave much time for City Of Fire?

We are scheduling around Fear Factory's schedule. This is good, because this will give enough set up and promotion for a City of Fire tour in a few months. With proper scheduling, anything is possible.

What does the rest of 2010 hold in store for City Of Fire?

Well, the Album is only being released in Australia at this time. We are planning on going to Australia on a tour around August. For North America, Canada, UK, Scandinavia, and Europe, the album will be released around that time as well.

Worst experience while being on the road?

Acquiring laryngitis, getting hit by a car, sweaty dudes hugging me, whiskey hangovers...

You’re stuck on an Island after a plane crash, who’s the first member of the band to turn into a cannibal?

Byron the bear

Records to smash while in the van?

Linkin Park, bad demos from bands where you cannot decipher their name.

Pre gig routines?

I like to do some breathing exercises, and stretch my legs, and then 5 minutes before stage, a nice, cold shot of Patron Tequila.

Final words, thanks or general bullocks you would like to share?

Do not expect to hear Strapping Young Lad, or Fear Factory if you are interested in checking out this album. We have those bands, and we do not have to try and emulate them. This is derived from a style of music that seems to be lost. We want to bring sexy back to rock, and roll.