Check Out: Shit The Bed Hot Sauce

14 September 2015 | 12:21 pm | Staff Writer

Renae Bunster from Perth makes this hot sauce called Shit The Bed. She's currently crowdfunding to pay for the first large commercial batch of sauce so she's been promoting that on Facebook lately. Turns out someone shared a photo of her hot sauce with UK DJ Danny Howells, because he's a massive hot sauce fan, and he in turn has been helping Bunster promote the STB sauce. One of his Facebook mates happens to be DJ John Digweed — who also shared a pic of the sauce with the caption: "I always used to joke to #dannyhowells that if he called me before midday that he must have s**t the bed — trust him to discover this product!"

So that was certainly a serendipitous turn of events!

Entertaining anecdotes aside, you can head to for info on how to help Bunster's STB sauce go commercial. Also, if you post a photo of the STB sauce and get 500 shares on Facebook you get a free bottle of sauce.