Check Out: Applejacks

26 October 2015 | 2:19 pm | Staff Writer

It's a Kiwi cider — but the twist is that it's been cut with 42BELOW vodka. Dun-dunn.

So what you get is a not fizzy, less sweet cider with a kick (that's the vodka part; there's about half a shot in each bottle). This is not a mixed drink for babies (note: we are aware that no mixed drinks are suitable for actual babies). It's a daytime drink, a nighttime drink, a spring and summer drink.

The killer combo bevo is available from all good bottle shops in two dry apple flavours: the Pippin Dry and, for the real ginger lovers out there (if your feelings towards ginger are negative or indifferent just stay away; this one will have you feeling like ginger spice is coursing through your veins), the Ginger Jive.