I Just Watched 'Buffy' For The First Time & I Don't Know What I've Been Doing My Whole Life

18 December 2019 | 3:05 pm | Jessica Dale

Jessica Dale has ventured to Sunnydale for the first time. Here's what she's found this side of the Hellmouth.

It was a moment I’d been waiting on for a while - Buffy The Vampire Slayer has finally made its way onto Australian streaming services. The much-loved ‘90s show hit Stan late last month and you know what else hit Stan hard? Me, watching A LOT of Buffy for the first time ever.

Look, I get the (oc)cult following of the show. Going back on the ol’ Watch History list, I started the show 16 days ago and have made my way through 48 episodes so far, wrapping up yesterday’s viewing at episode 14 of season three, dubbed Bad Girls. Let me tell you, my general life productivity is down, but I also have insomnia, so ya gotta fill those early morning hours somehow ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

When I heard the word “Hellmouth", I knew I was changed forever. In watching the Joss Whedon-created show for the first time, there’s been a lot to love (as well as a few things that haven’t been so great, like how noticeably white the cast is). Here’s a list of my favourite things so far from the eyes of a first-time Buffy viewer 20 years after it aired: 

The sassy comebacks 
It might be half the charm of the show. If I was a teenaged vampire slayer, I’d probably have some salty remarks too. Shoutout in particular to season two, ep 22 though for this exchange (view from the 1.05 mark): 

This whole Oz & Willow situation 
Oh. My. God. That scene when Oz sees Willow at The Bronze for the first time?! I audibly gasped. That might be one of the single cutest moments in TV history. BUT THEN - why would they crush me into a million pieces with that stupid Xander x Willow x Cordelia x Oz terribleness? Currently, Oz and Willow are reunited and I’m waiting v nervously to find out where it all goes. 

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When the Watcher's Council guy tells Giles he has a 'father’s love for the child'
Wow, right in the feels. Also, as it stands right now, new Watcher Wesley Wyndam-Pryce can get in the bin.

Speaking of Giles… 
When he reverts back to being a teenager in the Band Candy episode. 

Buffy making that vampire drink the Holy Water and sizzle internally
Shit yes. 

This whole hot mess...
Buffy and Angel - a love that might kill both me and them. 

While I know I still have a long way to go, so far I've loved this show and am stoked that it's lived up to the hype I placed on it before watching, especially considering that my attention span for shows normally drops off in season two. 

My own Watcher here at The Music has advised that there's a massive, world-stopping moment ahead of me soon so I may have stronger feelings in the coming weeks, but for now I'm solidly a part of the fan club. Here's my T-shirt proposal: 'I Got Slayed & All I Got Was This Great Buffy Shirt'. Expect to see me wearing it at the next convention.