Buddha Bowl Business

25 February 2016 | 3:33 pm | Xavier Fennell

Creating a good Buddha Bowl is like putting together the building blocks of a healthy lifestyle. First you gotta choose your grain, then the sweet, sweet vegetable toppings.

Bare Naked Bowls — 2/41 The Corso, Manly

What better place to start than an establishment that takes their name from the very dish we're exploring today. Bare Naked Bowls are offering the Burrito Bowl or Macro Bowl, two pretty tasty renditions of the Buddha Bowl. Brown rice, black beans, zesty corn, tomato, bell pepper and chipotle dressing make up the Burrito option if you're into something spicy; while the Macro is filled with all those things you read about in 'Trendy Vegies Monthly': quinoa, cabbage, sweet potato, goji berry, paprika chickpeas, sunflower seeds, spinach and tahini lime dressing.

Blackwood Pantry — 5/33 Surf Ln, Cronulla

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Blackwood Pantry is the lovechild of three mates from the shire who wanted to create a healthy, friendly and relaxing environment for people to eat damn good food and drink damn good coffee. They're also in the Buddha Bowl game, theirs consisting of fried eggs, quinoa, kale, roasted cauliflower, pickled red cabbage, toasted almonds, and lemon and buttermilk dressing.

Orchard St — various locations

Boasting a solid three locations around Sydney is Orchard St, which can only be described as a super health collective. These guys are locally supplied, certified organic, raw, vegan and so much more! Their Buddha Bowl at the Bondi Beach cafe is as deliciously healthy as the menu describes: macrobiotic combination of crunchy fermented root vegetables, a nourishing mermaid salad, refreshing cucumber rolled in gomasio and avocado topped with Japanese mayonnaise, on a bed of greens with sesame cauliflower rice.

Banana Blossom — 2/15 The Corso, Manly

Banana Blossom probably has the cutest name of all Sydney's eateries. The Asian salad spot is popular for its economically healthy dishes and its Buddha's Delight, featuring tofu, green papaya, pineapple, Chinese cabbage, Thai herbs, crispy egg noodles and sweet tamarind dressing.