Bluesfest Artists Tell Us Their Deepest, Darkest Secrets

26 February 2016 | 4:12 pm | Staff Writer

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  1. He's actually a British citizen.

  1. Gaps Hendrickson grew up in St Kitts and helped his grandmother cut sugar cane before he went to school as a young boy.

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  1. Rob Schneider is her father. When she decided to pursue music she dropped her dad's name and took on her mother's maiden instead.

  1. She can sing the entire theme song to a popular anime… in Japanese!

  1. He streams the World Surfing League and will go to any length to watch it on tour, he's totally hooked!

  1. Parker once unknowingly initiated a bar fight with Prince Bin Laden (Osama's cousin) in Dubai after an 'interpretative action dance' was horribly misconstrued…

  1. Although not anymore, for two years both dated girls with the same name.

  1. After their dope dealer was busted in 1969, they gathered up the butts from the garden and stayed stoned for more than a week.

  1. Brotherhood Of The Blues members Luke Murray and Harley Bodenham first met at day care when they were 12 months old.

  1. The band can never agree what music to play in the tour bus so they sing. Mostly Abba songs.

  1. They spend most of their time living out of their touring van 'Vincent Van-Go'.

  1. The band averages over 250 shows a year. 

  1. After the accident he gave up music for several years and became a pot farmer.

  1. They feed their pet crocodile by hand (carefully).

  1. I've got an actual game ball from the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl in 2013. 

1. She doesn't like to knit.

joe bonamassa

  1. He once sold his car to buy a Fender telecaster.