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BIGSOUND 2019 Artist Focus: Bakers Eddy

2 September 2019 | 8:35 am | Artist Submission

What you need to know about your BIGSOUND artists.

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Answered by: Ciarann Babbington – vocals and guitar

Give us a short description of your music: Like eating a delicious bowl of cereal but the cereal is music and the bowl is Boris Johnson’s sweaty palms.

Which acts are on your must-see list at BIGSOUND? Really want to catch Cry Club, 100, Mermaidens, TOWNS and Party Dozen.

Why should people come and see you among the many amazing bands at BIGSOUND? Because we have doughnuts. Not a bribe. Also because we are great live. Probably the best. But I assume every band playing BIGSOUND are going to be saying the same thing.

What music trends do you think are dominating right now, and do you have any predictions for the coming year? Don’t really pay much attention to what is trendy to be honest. Actually isn’t that pretty trendy? Maybe the 2005 back spike might have a strong rebound.

In your career to date, what have been the key watershed moments? Moving to Melbourne two years ago. I guess we found ourselves in a bit of a rut collectively and moving to a new city really shook things up for us. We dropped everything we had done up to that point and started fresh. And it felt great.

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What industry lessons would you like to take away from the BIGSOUND conference? I’m not sure... If I knew the lessons I’d like to learn then I’d probably already have been taught them.

What do you identify as the most pressing issue impacting the Australian music industry at present? We acknowledge our privilege as a band of four white/white-passing dudes, but there's still a lack of representation across gender, cultural background, etc on line-ups that doesn't reflect the abundance of talent actually out there.

What is the best bit of advice you've been given to prepare for your time at BIGSOUND? Fireball can wait till after the last showcase.

When and where is your BIGSOUND showcase? 3 Sep, Crowbar Black, 10.30pm; 4 Sep, Crowbar Black, 11.20pm.