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Bellingen Turtle Festival Focus: Bears With Guns

29 September 2016 | 11:24 am | Artist Submission

Answered by: Lachlan Russell

When did you find out about the plight of George and his fellow Bellingen River snapping turtles and what made you want to help out by playing? George came to me in a lucid dream and said, "If you don't play I'll take your fingers off and feed them to my kids."' There was no doubt in my mind we'd be there. Wait, are snapping turtles carnivorous?

How important is it to support the current shift towards eco conscious events like Bellingen Turtle Festival? The environment is very close to the band's heart, specifically when we hug trees. It's a privilege to participate in an event like this to help create more awareness about these issues.

Have you ever loved turtles to the extent of having a pet turtle? I'm not sure about this. I love turtles, but what leisurely activities can we enjoy together? If only we could both be ninjas and save the world.

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Is music a good medium to get out a message, such as with the Bellingen Turtle Festival? Yes, absolutely. It unites a group of like-minded people whose sole purpose for attending is to create this awareness, and therefore begin spreading it to others once having a (hopefully!) positive experience. Not to mention festivals are fun and exciting. Camping with your mates and soaking up the soundscape - that's living.

Turtles have a famous design flaw in their inability to flip themselves over. Do you have any secret weaknesses? Yes, but they are a secret. However, come say hi to us at the festival and I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours?

When can we catch your set at the Turtle Festival? 30 Sep, Live Stage, 8.00pm; 1 Oct, Main Stage, 4.30pm; 2 Oct, Turtle Dome, 4.45pm.

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