Behind The Scenes Of Melbourne Artist Baby Velvet’s Debut Album

27 May 2022 | 2:27 pm | Baby Velvet

To celebrate the release of debut album ‘Please Don’t Be In Love With Someone Else’, Melbourne artist Baby Velvet takes us behind the scenes of its creation.

(Pic by Michelle Grace Hunder)

Please meet Kevin Ratterman!! Kevin produced this album in his studio in LA – I unfortunately couldn’t make it there due to the pandemic so instead we made the album over zoom/WhatsApp/email. This is him putting in a guitar part, weirdly I am still yet to meet Kevin but loved making this album with him.

That was Kevin’s view when making the album and this photo was mine! I made this album at this desk, in a bungalow, out the back of my sister and her family's house in Melbourne. It was deep lockdown and every day I sat and recorded myself, to nauseam, to send over my parts to Kevin. There’s nothing in this world quite like a beautiful desk.

This is a behind the scenes photo from my first video clip – Call Me. It was styled by Goldtone Vintage and set design/art direction by Quinn Delany-Veldhuis. This was the last scene we shot after three days of shooting, in my new red cowgal boots biting a stack of fake cash.

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Nick McKinlay made my video clip Atlanta where my friends all attend my funeral. In the final scene I get lowered into my grave so the night before the shoot Nick, Loni (set design) and myself went to my friend Nadia’s backyard and dug a human sized hole.

Juliet Row made my Bad With Money animated clip (which I am obsessed with) and it includes some of my collages, zines and artworks in the bridge – this is a collage I made for it of photos I have taken over the past years of my friends/band mates.

For the album release I did a photoshoot with Alex Gow – Alex is a beautiful photographer and I feel really lucky he took these press shots, this is a BTS one he took of me on a polaroid camera.

Michelle Grace Hunder took this film photo for me a few months back in the lead up to the album release. The outfit is styled by Goldtone Vintage. It is one of my favourite photos of my whole album campaign, to me it looks like something from a Fellini film

This is Quinn Delany-Veldhuis who did the set design for my album cover. She is simply amazing. I had told her my alter idea and she spent weeks collecting Mary paraphernalia, candles, lamps, roses. This is her set up before the shoot.

A few days before this album shoot my uncle suddenly died, my boyfriend broke up with me via text message and I had a kidney infection that made me think I should be at the emergency room. This photo is me pushing through all of that to get this cover done, in my Romance Was Born Dress, with my wonderful friend Nadine Muller doing my hair and make up.

Michelle Pitiris took this album photo - this is her and Quinn at the end of the shoot.  I couldn’t be happier with how it came out, I think we all made something really special together.