Ausmusic T-Shirt Day Ambassadors & Champions Reveal Fave Merch

18 November 2022 | 1:18 pm | Staff Writer

To celebrate Ausmusic T-shirt Day, we've asked some of this year’s Ambassadors and Champions to share what they'll be wearing to support their favourite Aussie artists.

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Lewy McKenna, Guitarist with Beddy Rays

I've chosen my Northlane T-shirt as my favourite band tee. I bought this tee back when I was a first-year apprentice swingin' spanners for a living. It was the first ever band tee I ever purchased, so it holds a special place in my heart. It also speaks to my roots as a musician and my inner metalhead. I've been following Northlane since their Debut Album 'Discoveries' and they have always been one of my favourite Aussie metal bands.

Mabel and Ivy Windred-Wornes, Charm of Finches

We’re proud to represent two talented women in music who we love and admire this Ausmusic T-Shirt Day!

Mabel: Green is my favourite colour, so I love wearing Maple Glider’s fun tie-dye shirt with my green cords. 

Ivy: Adalita has been a long-time inspiration, mentor and friend to us, so of course, I’ll be wearing my Magic Dirt shirt with its fun splash of colour.  

Benny Clark, Session drummer with Baker Boy and Dallas Woods

To see where sissy Baarka has come from to the force she is now is unbelievable. A true warrior, truth teller, and, to top it off, a beautiful and strong person in every way. Always proud to rep my tidda.

Tim Nelson, Singer/guitarist/keyboard player with Cub Sport

I’m wearing my jamesjamesjames t-shirt! James is one of the most exciting and innovative producers/songwriters coming through right now. His music is super fun but also really beautiful and emotive, and he has THE best aesthetic.

Jordie Ireland, Artist

I decided to wear MAY-A for Ausmusic T-Shirt Day this year as I think it's so important for us to celebrate our incredible community of up-and-coming artists in Australia. I've followed MAY-A's journey for a while now, and it's so incredible to see such an amazing artist get the recognition they deserve.

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