MC Focus: Allday

18 July 2012 | 2:15 pm | Staff Writer

Get to know MC Allday a little better!

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When did you pick up the mic?
I wrote my first rhyme when I was ten years old in Year Five. It was, “I am the world's greatest rapper/Snoop Dogg and Eminem are both crapper.” I don't know why I decided to diss them because they were my two favourite rappers at the time. I don't know exactly why I started but it was never a choice for me, it just happened naturally.

Who's who in your current crew?
I'm a solo artist. My friend C1 produces and DJs for me.

Do you practice all of the four elements?
I rap and I used to do graffiti for a long time. In the area of Adelaide I grew up in, most teenage boys at least experiment with writing graffiti for a while. I slowed down and then stopped about a year ago, just because it wasn't fun anymore.

If you could be anyone's hype man who would it be?
Biggie Smalls, RIP. Because he was the king of swag before the concept of swag ever existed.

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Whose beats would you cut off a limb to rhyme over?
Yeezy! I'd cut off ALL my limbs and rhyme as just a torso and a head if I could get on one of his beats!

What can punters expect from you
when you're working the room?

I go hard in the paint.