ALBUM PREMIERE: Mammal - 'The Penny Drop'

4 March 2024 | 10:50 am | Mary Varvaris

Mammal's new album, 'The Penny Drop', is “not for the kids”, according to frontman Ezekiel Ox.


Mammal (Credit: Benny Clark)

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Earlier this year, The Music premiered the latest single from Melbourne rockers Mammal.

The Penny Drop, also the title of their new album, which arrives this Wednesday (6 March), displayed the band’s classic neo-funk meets punk sound while showcasing their heavier edges amidst a chaotic flurry of energy.

Today, The Music exclusively shares the album premiere for The Penny Drop. You can listen to all twelve tracks below.

In a statement, frontman Ezekiel Ox explained the primary ideas behind the album, telling The Music: “The main themes on the album are politics, setting up guillotines, smashing the fash, punching up, our inability to tolerate fools. Musically, fresh, mature, sexy bare bones rock and fucking roll.”

Revealing that The Penny Drop is “not for the kids” as it’s “grown-up fun”, Ox continued, “Pete [Williamson] wrote 100 riffs in 30 days, Zane [Rosanoski] turned them into songs with his V-drums and laptop in another month, then I came down from Newcastle and free-styled for 24 hours over two wild days in Melbourne.

“After that, Jimi Maroudas came on board to produce and hone the 17 best tracks, which became the 12 on the album. After plenty of arguments, compromises and massaging by Forrester [Savell] later, we decided we were done.”

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Ox described the “different process” behind The Penny Drop, stating: “Mammal is riding high on the energy. It was a different process for us this time; it took over a year to finish from riff to master.”

Ox also said that Mammal’s new album “is built for the live stage” – album tour dates are coming soon.

Mammal have built an impressive reputation as a live band, with The Music’s Rod Whitfield declaring about the band’s show at Max Watts Melbourne in 2022: “Mammal are still the very essence of rock‘n'roll in a live setting, they remain a bristling, scintillating beast of a live band that is so much fun to watch.”

ALBUM PREMIERE: Mammal - The Penny Drop