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Album Focus: Hollie Smith

12 January 2017 | 3:11 pm | Artist Submission

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Album title? Water Or Gold

Where did the title of your new album come from? It's the title track from the album, the song being about the choices we make and the perspective of what's valuable to you. 

How many releases do you have now? I have had three Hollie Smith solo releases and two collaborative albums.

How long did it take to write/record? Writing happened over a year or two, recording was done with the band over two weeks and then I recorded the vocals at home over a few weeks.

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Was anything in particular inspiring you during the making? There's no current theme to the album, but a number of things inspired different songs: one's for my son, one's for my late best friend - things that were relevant at the time.

What's your favourite song on it? Always a hard one. Helena is a special song to me, but I like Older Younger and Poor On Poor.

Will you do anything differently next time? It will keep changing, I think. There are some things that worked really well. Considering what we were working with at the time, I think we did really well.

When and where is your launch/next gig? 9 Mar, Newtown Social Club; 10 Mar, Port Fairy Folk Festival; 16 Mar, Caravan Music Club; 16 Mar, Prince Of Wales, Bunbury; 17 Mar, Settlers Tavern, Margaret River; 18 Mar, Babushka, Leederville; 19 Mar, Mojo's Bar.

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