The Open And Honest Themes Of Their Debut EP

22 August 2017 | 3:09 pm | Bree Chapman

"We are a band with a social conscience and we're inspired by world events, politics, and current affairs."

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Ever listen to a song that said everything you'd been thinking, but hadn't the means to articulate? That's what Accidental President are doing with their fierce, harmonically driven, hard-rock.

The eclectic group began with a series of calling ads when Isy d’Vious’ hunt for “a guitarist into Baby Animals and Iron Maiden” brought co-founder Dave Ben Lee into the fold. According to the singer-songwriter, after that “everything clicked into place pretty quickly”, and two turned into four as the group was rounded out by bassist Alex Freeworld and drummer Scott Strong. Two years on, just look at them now.

Their debut EP, Jiggery-Pokery, was partly inspired by “personal experiences, life, the lot” and emulates a real, honest sound and story. “We are a band with a social conscience and we’re inspired by world events, politics, and current affairs,” explains d’Vious, and in the ‘anyone can be president’ era, the aptly named band seem to have found their voice.

This genuineness was pivotal in the band’s approach to creating the EP; “Essentially we were looking to capture a great overall live band feel,” shares d’Vious. So, it’s no surprise that the crux of the track list was developed in live rehearsals before hitting the studio with tracks they were confident were “worth laying down”. The group’s goal for this EP was to “showcase [their] range and style”, but some larger and more worldly considerations shine through — and it’s a very promising tease of the collection they are eagerly working on for their upcoming album.