Ones For The Road: Tour Tales

6 September 2012 | 5:45 am | Staff Writer

OKA with Didgeristu.

From: Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Tell us about your band: The OKA sound is a multi-coloured layer of dub, electronica, hip hop, jazz and many forms of world music. There's myself, Stu Boga Fergie (Didgeristu), I'm behind the electronic beats and keys, bringing raw didgeridoo and vocals inspired by my aboriginal heritage. Chris Lane plays captivating melody on slide guitar, harmonica and woodwinds including bamboo, flute and sax. Making up the trio is Samoan-Australian Charlie Zappa – a rhythm specialist with beats of Polynesian fire and deep pocket.

What brings you to the west side? We love touring WA, we're here promoting our current album Milk & Honey and showcasing a bunch of new tunes from our next upcoming album due out early next year.

Past WA tour experiences? Toured WA six or seven times now, we just love the vibe here we have had some amazing shows all over but some epic sweaty sticky nites have been had in Mojo's. Not sure what they put in the water in WA but it gets people amped on music for sure.

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Last stop before WA? Noosa on the East Coast.

What can we expect from your live show this time around? A high energy show with a few new OKA tracks and a bunch of old goodies. Good times and positive vibes for all.

Tell us about the best show you've had on tour? Quebec summer festival alongside Sting, Santana and KISS.

Worst show? Little club in Oregan, USA.

Number one item to take with you? Sunglasses.

Craziest destination a tour has taken you to? Yellow Knife up on the Arctic circle in Canada.

Best thing about getting home? Being with family and taking my daughter to school and back.

Best way to avoid STIs from groupies? Don't get drunk!

Must have item on your rider? Limes and spiced rum.

Best game to play on long trips? ZZZZzzzz.

Describe your ultimate tour date? Playing in front of a massive crowd in Brazil somewhere some time!

WHEN & WHERE: Thursday 13 September, Mojo's; Friday 14, Divers Tavern, Broom; Sunday 16, Caves House, Yallingup; Wednesday 19, Indi Bar; Thursday 20, Prince Of Wales, Bunbury; Friday 21, Settlers Tavern, Margaret River; Saturday 22, White Star Hotel, Albany; Sunday 23, Railway Hotel