Sam Wolstenholme, Journalist

Sam Wolstenholme

Sam Wolstenholme is a Brisbane-based musician and writer with over 20 years of classical music training and almost 10 years’ experience as a frontwoman for metal bands, including her own symphonic metal band Seraphic. Since making her live band debut in 2013 with Alpine Fault, the leading Brisbane symphonic metal band at the time, Sam has forged a reputation in the Australian heavy music scene as a powerful frontwoman flying the flag for Euro-style operatic vocals in metal, with the extensive vocal range, intricate piano compositions and memorable melodies she has demonstrated in Seraphic.

In addition to her musical pursuits, Sam has worked as a freelance music writer for more than five years, bringing her flair for the written word and her specialist technical knowledge of music to write for publications including Kill Your Stereo, Sense Music Media, Good Call Live and Insert Review Here.