Live Review: Young Robin, Archer & Light, Claisebrook, Vibe Tribe

8 February 2016 | 1:57 pm | Joseph Wilson

"The band was light and fresh, with a sound that's very similar to an early Last Dinosaurs mixed in with classic pop-punk lyrics."

\With four sets showcasing a slice of some of Perth's exciting burgeoning music scene, the night kicked off with some blues-rock antics coming from Vibe Tribe. Their solid blues definitely denoted the band had soul, with a swinging bass and raw drum beat. A cover of Stevie Wonder's Superstition really topped off their performance, recreating the vitality and bounce-in-step the track is so famous for.

Claisebrook was the second band to perform and were actually inexplicably exciting save for their namesake. First performing as a duet — with the rest of the band members emerging on stage after the second song — the band eased the punters into a performance that was filled with '60s soul and vibrancy. They were both dreamy and quirky and possessing tongue-in-cheek humour; epitomised in the song eHarmony, a clichéd attempt by the band to preach the meaning of love to the punters. Overall, Claisebrook set out to rock about and succeeded.

Archer & Light's set was a crash course in alt-rock and smooth sax, and came out a lot louder than expected. Lead singer James Luscombe smashed it out on the acoustic guitar and the rest of the band followed suit by artfully illustrating the lyrical sentiments through multiple musical layers. Being a large band — with two lead singers and numerous instruments — a nice layered set-up really created a classical wall of sound and emotion that pierced throughout the venue. A highlight of their performance was Melbourne, with a slight electronic production that set up the stage for a really unique track.

Young Robin emerged to great fanfare and adoration from the crowd, with many of the die-hard fans who were skulking at the back of the bar now at the front to get a piece of the action. The band was light and fresh, with a sound that's very similar to an early Last Dinosaurs mixed in with classic pop-punk lyrics. With a youthful vitality emerging from their music, the crowd bounced around effortlessly. The peak of their performance was with the reveal of new single Ferndully, to which the crowd reacted with great fervour. It will be exciting to see where this band goes next. 

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