Album Review: Young Franco - Close 2 U

22 August 2014 | 11:07 am | Stephanie Tell

The only way is up for Young Franco.

This scintillating two-track offering is a total upgrade of Joey Da Rin’s January EP, Futurefunk.

The title track Close 2 U kicks off with some tropical dance vibes, amping up the smoothness exuded by fellow Brisbanite Joy’s siren vocals. Da Rin channels plenty of subdued swag and a dash of funk into this sweltering track, as well as detached, unaffected coolness. This vibe doesn’t let up on earthy follow-up Hurricane, with its tasty, ambient beats and off-kilter, echoing bass. Boasting mature, electronic craftsmanship well beyond his 19 years, the only way is up for Young Franco.