Album Review: You, Me, And Everyone We Know - 'Things Are Really Weird Right Now'

22 May 2011 | 8:40 pm | Staff Writer
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It might be You, Me, And Everyone We Know's swan song, but that doesn't mean it isn't brilliant.

With all of the other members abandoning ship over “irreparable” differences, singer Ben Liebsch is now playing lone ranger in an attempt to rebuild You, Me, And Everyone We Know. I only hope he decides to change the band name, because that’s an awfully long-winded name. Despite the disbanding, their EP, “Things Are Really Weird Right Now,” has still seeped through the cracks, and found its way onto shelves.

I’ve heard comparisons to groups like Panic at the Disco which aren’t, by any means, unwarranted. It’s a lot of the same alternative bop-rock frameworks. The main difference is the eccentric front man, Liebsch, whose pipes get a good workout on this EP; even if it is only twelve minutes worth, it’s a good twelve minutes.

From the beautiful instrumentation to the thought-provoking lyricism, the EP is a real winner. Painstaking piano chords are the foundation of the first, and titular, track as the other instruments slowly build around it. Lyrically, “Things Are Really Weird Right Now is without a doubt my favourite song from the lot. Liebsch pens some genuinely obscure, interesting lyrics that are, for me, on par with Death Cab quality. They’re deep, with one of my favourite portions beginning: “I was fifteen looking for God,” as there’s a real sense of narrative and storytelling within these tracks.

Some Things Don’t Wash Out (2nd Rinse)” follows up the opener, and is noticeably boppier, but once again it’s the last man standing in Liebsch who shines brightest, despite some solid support from the band. The chorus isn’t quite as catchy, making it a weaker tune than the first but it still holds its own with the aforementioned qualities.

The third track is perhaps the most bizarre of the handful. “There Was A Thump, Then Another opens with those very words, as a creative, hilarious song begins to unravel. “I wouldn’t call it love, but my heart sure is pumping blood. It isn’t pretty, but it works. No it’s not sharp but it still hurts” are some of the most fun lyrics I’ve heard in a while. Coupled with another signature vocal hook from Liebsch and it’s another winning track. Sad Bastard Music” is a bite-sized farewell from the group, well under two minutes. It’s a more sensitive, and perhaps more serious, tune that consists purely of acoustics and light percussion. Admittedly, it has a flat beginning but regains legs before it is said and done.

For a band that’s just left us, this EP would be one hell of a way to go out. It’s creative, intelligent and so fun. If Liebsch can manage to pull together another line-up, I hope they don’t manage to lose that special something that made this release so great. If you’re a fan of almost fun, almost pretentious, pop-rock, not unlike Panic, then this band has a lot to offer you.

1. Things Are Really Weird Right Now
2. Some Things Don't Wash Out (2nd Rinse)
3. There Was A Thump, Then Another
4. Sad Bastard Music