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Album Review: Yeo - Desire Path

18 August 2017 | 9:01 am | Natasha Pinto

"Yeo will have the hardest of hearts melting on the dancefloor."

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Filled with painfully relatable tracks about young love — and stressful chats with your crush — this upbeat, electro-pop offering from Yeo will have the hardest of hearts melting on the dancefloor, boogieing the feels away.

Featuring collabs with a killer line-up of vocalists and producers, Desire Path is packed to capacity with delightful little duets, swelling synth interludes, double-time drops and deep basslines that pack a punch. It's a great balance between playful beats and empathetic lyrics on a consistently engaging tracklist that'll no doubt make for a great live show, getting punters on their feet to bop their heartache into oblivion.