Wil Anderson, Justin Hamilton

26 October 2015 | 10:00 am | Jonathon Denholm

"Every moment was entertaining and hilarious."

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Perth comedy fans came out en masse to see Wil Anderson perform the final night of his Free Wil tour and they weren't disappointed. It's one of the nicest theatres in Perth to see comedy but only the biggest acts can fill it two nights in a row.

The audience were treated to an opening act from funny man Justin Hamilton who delighted the audience with some of the funniest snippets from his current solo show Snacks!. Plus some of the best comedy I have heard about the Adam Goodes' situation.

When Anderson hit the stage the audience went wild in the way only an established act such as Anderson can elicit from a crowd. After having done this show 300+ times the structure was well and truly worked out. Some jokes took nearly 60 minutes to pay off and the crowd loved it.

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Anderson discussed everything from being naked in public to quantum physics, messing around with cab drivers and meeting Doctor Who. In his usual style he wasn't afraid to express his opinion on current political issues, and he has built up the kind of audience that agrees with him on every point.

His mantra for the show was that 'life is about the journey, not the destination' and his show was proof of that. Every moment was entertaining and hilarious. He even came back for an encore, giving fans a preview of the other full-length show he has written this year, Political Wil.