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12 October 2015 | 4:21 pm | Sean Maroney

"Ignore the price tag. This is an all out romp. Indulge in the Opera House at its sexiest and most seductive."

Enter Boogie Wonderland. Shrouded in sequined silver and gold, the stage is an electrifying hyper-saturation of disco, disco, disco. VELVET is a "state of mind", a sensual celebration of sensation. It delivers in a steam-train of fairylights at a thousand miles an hour.

VELVET Is a unique opportunity to let go and indulge utterly in a stage's action. Craig Reid, "The Incredible Hula Boy", resplendent in his pink and gold leotard, bedazzled the audience with his cheeky charm. Perle Noir, "The Exotique Mystere", characterised the salacious atmosphere of the night. Big, bold and bodacious, she filled the stage with her voluptuous burlesque act; a whole lot of woman, a whole lot of everywhere.

Stephen Williams, Emma Goh and Mirko Kockenberger presented the strength and balancing acts. Kockenberger offered a tense balancing act (complemented by a smile to tear even the toughest hearts to shreds), and Williams suspended himself in the air using only ropes and his own strength. Goh mastered Lyra (aerial hoop) and when partnered with Williams they offered a touching display of emotional and physical limit.

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Marcia Hines, Brendan Maclean, Chaska Halliday and Rechelle Mansour were the vocalists. They were hypnotists to a willing audience. Joe Accaria was the disco demi-god/DJ-dad. Standing atop a two-metre high DJ stage, definitely sporting a hidden power-stance, he generated the rhythm of the night.

This show will burn technicoloured joy into your retinas. Think DJ-dad centre-stage, live on an electronic drum kit, his gelled fringe flapping in front of two fans. Think a BDSM wonderland, a lithe and leather-clad cast. Think sequins. Think glitter. Think a purple and green feather headdress. Think Bee Gees' Staying Alive reinterpreted as an acoustic Mumford & Sons-esque ode to life.

If you can think it and it's fun and disco, VELVET has it. Ignore the price tag. This is an all out romp. Indulge in the Opera House at its sexiest and most seductive.