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Album Review: Turnover – Altogether

28 October 2019 | 1:11 pm | Taylor Marshall

"[E]xtraordinarily blissful."

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Still In Motion starts Turnover's new album Altogether in ambient mode, with a soft piano and saxophone melody turning into beautiful, chorus-driven guitar leads. The band are a long way from their punk days, but every release gets increasingly heavenly. Much After Feeling begins with a slightly delayed guitar with soft piano notes – a jazzier, smoother feel to reach peak relaxation. Parties continues with a similar melody to the previous track and adds a more sombre vibe to the chorus. Number On The Gate includes a clearer bass line and slow tremolo between verses and choruses, with overdosed reverb. Sending Me Right Back shifts the sound back to something akin to Parliament Funkadelic, but with modern indie-pop elements powering though the mix. Ceramic Sky has one of the most beautiful sax lines since King Krule’s Logos, which echoes through the background, while Valley Of The Moon has a blissfully soft melody. No Reply and Plant Sugar have a beachy vibe, before the album closes on cool track Temporary Love.

To say Turnover have really peaked is an understatement and it’ll be wondrous to see where they’ll go from here. This album makes you feel emotions you probably haven’t felt in a long time. It’s so extraordinarily blissful that everyone should give it a spin.