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Live Review: True Vibenation

13 June 2013 | 2:49 pm | Emily McDonagh

They offered up their heart and soul to deliver a live performance unlike any other.

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Horns, funk and pure MC skill fused for a true Wednesday night ruckus, when True Vibenation hit The Basement. Headlining World Music Wednesdays, the guys delivered their unique sound with infectious electricity.

Known for their killer live show, the trio had the crowd alive and engaged from the get go delivering a stellar set with ease. Their recipe for success is unlike any other, soul-infused hip hop tunes with a little bit of Latin funk and a solid dose of skilful delivery; a concoction unlike any other.

True Vibenation masterfully weaved intriguing beats, roaring saxophones and slick vocals for a quality performance. Not ones to stick to the norm, performing tracks from their newest release only available on USB's concreted around the city, proved the loyalty of fans who knew each and every hook & the intrigue of an innovative release.

Dropping the working man's anthem Work Work Work had the venue abuzz with a sing along chant, embracing real lyrics with live showmanship unfound in most acts. As their set progressed not a single ounce of energy our buzz was lost, the mosh was grooving and ecstatic throughout.

No More a true infusion of magic; instead of your standard drop, the trumpet reignited the track before an unexpected Lion King sample. Each and every track charismatic and embracive of culture without a stereotype in sight.

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Interactive and engaging doesn't even begin to cover the induction into the True Vibenation felt when you are experience  a gig like this. Part of the human instrument used to perform one of their tracks with six audience members and some radical technology; only extending the community warmth flowing amongst an audience such as this.

Finishing off with Ape Shit had everyone going bananas, flailing limbs and raucous chants sent off True Vibenation with a well-deserved bang. They offered up their heart and soul to deliver a live performance unlike any other.