Live Review: Troye Sivan, Nicole Millar

14 January 2016 | 3:09 pm | Sara Tamim

"The audience began to wish, as Troye Sivan did, that this moment would last forever."

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The line outside the Enmore Theatre grew immensely, slithering in all directions, in anticipation for pop sensation, Troye Sivan. As the venue began to fill, positive vibes had already surfaced around the crowd, creating a spirited atmosphere. Nicole Millar then took to the stage, replacing the former support act, Gordi, who came down with laryngitis. Millar illuminated the audience with her soothing and melodically secure vocal, matched with dynamically diverse electronic sounds. The beats at times were minimal; although they rose up to cause great suspense and release that encouraged dancing from both Millar and the crowd. Her single Wait emerged as a clear standout: it showed an immense pop sensibility, as did her overall performance.

Then the lights dimmed down and chanting and screaming welcomed the long-awaited Troye Sivan to the stage for his first ever Sydney show. He began with his tune BITE in which he stood in a bright white spotlight, glowing radiantly as the audience sang along to his soft but forceful, echoing voice. As the stage illuminated, the beats began to drop as Sivan screamed into the microphone, "Lose your minds, Sydney," and they did. Then, he and the band flowed into FOOLS from the debut album, Blue Neighbourhood. Sivan bopped around the stage with many sudden bursts of musical energy, which further excited the already jovial crowd. He was surprisingly multifaceted, demanding full attention in performance. Sivan managed to dance gracefully, engage the crowd in conversation, sing flawlessly and also partially rap DKLA. Although this tune shows immense and intense drumbeats as well as the usual, catchy, rhyming lyrics, the words tend to also create an emotional uproar. Sivan sings, "Distance makes the heart grow fonder/Said by someone stronger than me," in his boyish tone, automatically labelling him as a compelling and emotional singer, as well as a fun and energetic performer. "I wish this could last forever," Sivan says as he begins his hit single, WILD. This song overflows with captivating elements, which combined with his unblemished stage performance, left the audience awestruck. He noticed this, as he smiled from ear to ear before returning for his encore. When Sivan finished with his newest single, YOUTH, the audience lit up as phones were in the air, as arms were waving everywhere, not wanting this hour of magic to end. The audience began to wish, as Troye Sivan did, that this moment would last forever.