Live Review: Trivium, Orheus Omega, Envenomed

13 April 2016 | 1:56 pm | Dearna Mulvaney

"Whatever we do up here, you do too; whether that's sing, scream, clap, headbang or fucking air guitar".

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Melbourne's Envenomed are up first. They provide an old school melodic thrash metal component for the night - complete with long flowing locks for headbanging and Flying Vs for shredding. While shaky is some parts, Envenomed wow the crowd with their duelling guitar solos and an aggressive sound.  

Melbourne's own Orpheus Omega take to the stage next and continue the evening's theme of long, headbanging locks. Their arrogance is palpable, befitting musicians who can entertain while showing off their mind-blowing technical abilities. Each track is fast and filled with moving riffs that each band member follows perfectly. The addition of keytar provides Orpheus Omega with a gothic, almost industrial sound element. Fans go crazy for Unscathed and new single Beacons; they even go so far as to open a wall of death for last song, Sealed In Fate.

The intimate crowd waits impatiently and starts chanting the second the house lights fade. After a delay, Trivium stalk out on their stage, donning their own merch. Arrogance drips off them. Tonight is about to get heavy. Singer Matt Heafy tallies up how many newbies are present, versus veteran fans, by requesting a show of hands. Heafy then lets the newbies in on the golden rule for any Trivium show: "Whatever we do up here, you do too; whether that's sing, scream, clap, headbang or fucking air guitar."

Trivium's performance is polished. These guys know exactly how to rev up a crowd and keep them entertained. The audience watches in awe as Trivium melds together fast-paced thrash riffs and hardcore breakdowns without any hiccups.  After each track, while the band tunes and changes over guitars, the crowd hesitantly starts to chant, "Tri-vi-um!" Heafy notices the hesitation and shouts, "During no point tonight do you need to be shy, polite or quiet". He conducts some test cheers before launching into new track The Ghost That's Haunting You. Throughout the set, Heafy conducts the audience, making sure we keep moving. During Down From The Sky, he stalks the stage, pointing out people who are standing still and getting them to clap or headbang along. He also offers advice for fan-favourite Until The World Goes Cold, saying, "This one goes real well with a circle pit". 

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Before wrapping up the set, Heafy shouts, "Thank you so much for hanging out with Trivium!" He smiles as he watches the chaos he's helped create. Trivium, we've loved hanging out with you. Please come back soon!