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Live Review: Totally Unicorn, God God Dammit Dammit, Powerxchuck, Stabbitha & The Knifey Wifeys

20 September 2016 | 5:06 pm | Will Oakeshott

"Totally Unicorn could turn anyone's frown upside down."

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If one theme could be used to surmise this album launch, it could only be: "Astonishingly Inappropriate". Fortunately every act on the bill embraced this sentiment with their entire being.

Arguably the best named band in Australia, Stabbitha & The Knifey Wifeys brought their festive spirits to the stage. Dressed in outstanding floral shirts, the quintet were here to punk-punch Adelaide in the face. Aggressively elegant, they land between Bikini Kill and Crash & The Boys (from Scott Pilgrim Vs The World) with a hint of Trash Talk. Featuring cuts from their EP Cats Against Catcalls, the highlight came in the form of Lizard Queen... during which drummer Alex Bangin' soared with the most infectious smile on her face. The start this event needed.

Powerxchuck maintained the aforementioned theme and took no prisoners. Enforcing the very definition of power-violence music, the quartet were, politely put, rabid. Vocalist Fryz is simply demented in his role and is outstanding. This was smelly, ungraceful, indecipherable and honestly excellent in every way it could be. The four-piece almost redefine punk rock with more songs than minutes in their set and if bands like Robotosaurus or 4Dead are favourites, then Powerxchuck are a requirement.

In almost a 180-degree turn, God God Dammit Dammit squeezed their ten members on stage (this number actually increased often) and really kickstarted the party. With a trumpet, saxophone, tambourinist, two guitarists, drummer, singer, bass player and magnificent guest vocalist crammed on, the band essentially started their own earthquake and it was delightful. The groovers and shakers were out in full force and their ska-funk-rock soundtrack was the perfect catalyst for it. Ultimately music of this genre requires impeccable timing, composure and understanding; however, for GGDD, throw in numerous jugs of beer and arguably the best collective social persona in the nation, and what you get really is the perfect formula. Their album Soul Dice is a must have.

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The time for inappropriateness was now and five barely dressed men known as Totally Unicorn attacked the stage like a walrus on a school of fish. It may not be distinguished, but there's no denying they're entertaining. The quintet were maniacal with their mathcore recipe and unsuspecting patrons were certainly fearful of TU's approach. It was spectacular. Drew Gardner is an animal fuelled by beer and laughs, and if this band hosted a reality TV show it would be a top priority. It was just a matter of time before Gardner undressed to his jocks, which were fittingly pulled in to a G-string position. Aside from Gardner and drummer Michael Bennett, each band member was in the crowd. The frontman happily danced like the drunken uncle everyone has and worries about. Fittingly, Cool Dads With Cool Sons was the pinnacle, but Totally Unicorn could turn anyone's frown upside down.