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4 July 2016 | 9:13 pm | Staff Writer
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With the exception of Lorde and Antagonist A.D., the New Zealand music scene cops a pretty bad wrap. However, the potential exhibited by upcoming lads Too Late lends weight to the point that in the way of metal and hardcore, NZ actually has much to offer. You can explore that offering by streaming the act's new LP, which is a punchy collection of tunes that, while relatively par-for-the-course, are nonetheless incredibly satisfying.

Laden with metallic guitars and foreboding vocals, every single one of these songs clocks in under the three-minute mark. Chaos is sonically communicated through constant, fitting tempo changes and at times, instruments competing at different speeds for dominance. This band sounds like the kind of support you'd see providing the intro-soundtrack for an Ill Natured or The Banner show. But they're more than good enough for you to jot down their name as you head to the venue bar, rather than outright ignore while you're flicking through your social media feeds in the corner like a scrub.

On top of their ability to knock out straight-up hardcore bangers, what Too Late also possess is a top-notch capacity for formulating politically-motivated one-liners. Perhaps quite apt in this election period, on 'Damocles' they commentate: "families starve, campaigns bloat, as outraged waive their right to vote". But that line is only half as good as what comes later on 'Congregation': "your god is a crutch, yet you call him a compass". That's some real Architects shit right there.

The term "metalcore" doesn't apply to Too Late in the way it does to Risecore bands. It's meant in a more literal way: this is metal-informed hardcore that doesn't mess around, that isn't bothered with poppy cross-overs, and that's heavily true to the opinions and genres that it represents. If you're up for pulling a neck muscle through meeting your weekly headbanging criteria and some deep reflection on how humanity has ruined our world, we'd recommend a scope of Too Late.

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1. Nothing

2. Morality

3. Belial


5. Damocles

6. Congregation

7. Void Of Sin

8. Doctrine

9. Abraxas

10. Thamus

11. Cursed