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Album Review: This Century - 'Biography Of Heartbreak'

20 May 2013 | 2:06 am | Staff Writer
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Party pop and heartbreak anthems for the alternatively inclined

There are bands on the cusp of the vast and complex world of alternative music whose material could be accurately described as party music for those a little alternatively inclined. This Century have now joined the Ready Set and Breathe Carolina on the list of bands who very much follow this mantra. The group's infectious anthem pop routine that seems to never tire, delivers us ‘Biography of Heartbreak,’ an album that, will have fans of the aforementioned itching to jump around their room like a crazy person and succumbing to the replay button.

Biography of Heartbreak
kicks off with ‘Slow Dance Night,’ but contradictory to the title, its energy and beat is barely suited to slow dancing. The vocals are subtly distorted in a way that complements the electronic beat, but doesn’t distract from the sweet boy band styling of the vocalist. ‘Love Killer’ follows on an equally infectious note, but it carries a slightly more serious tone that introduces an element of angst into the record. Tracks like Tip Toe’ and ‘Forbidden’ delve deeper into the area of sugary heartache anthems, which are almost too sweet to handle and littered with explosive synth driven choruses.

'Biography of Heartbreak' is occasionally guilty of song fillers; these are tracks that, while still maintain a cute power pop likability, fail to truly standout. However, at times, the record truly shines, as in tracks like ‘Run and Hide’ and the title track, ‘Biography of Heartbreak’. This Century, although occasionally interchangeable with bands such as The Ready Set, The Maine and A Rocket To The Moon, will be eaten up by fans who indulge in the kind of adorable heartbreak tunes that exists between the realms of mainstream and alternative sound.

This Century’s 'Biography of Heartbreak' comes to be exactly that. It begins on a note of romance and youthful optimism, and slowly descends into story after story of heartache and teenage break ups that, yes, could get slightly redundant were it not for the band’s ability to keep it fresh. Let’s be honest, if you’re listening to a band like This Century, you’re not looking for complexity or deeper meaning, you come for the party music and the heartache anthems. And that’s exactly what you get with 'Biography of Heartbreak'.

1. Slow Dance Night
2. Love Killer
3. Bleach Blonde
4. Tip Toe
5. My Weakness
6. Run & Hide
7. Footsteps
8. Skeletons
9. Forbidden
10. Sideways
11. Fool’s Game
12. Biography of Heartbreak
13. Deadly Weapon