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Live Review: THEESatisfaction, Huwston

23 October 2012 | 8:47 am | Matt MacMaster

Sydney producer Huwston played to an almost empty room during the first half hour of his opening set. The few folks that arrived early were welcomed by a sophisticated selection of hip hop with a heavy R&B bent. Basslines melted over a series of tricked out vocal cues, like rum poured over ice. Friendly conversations sparked up around the room, encouraged by the music. A few dancers eventually found the floor and weren't shy. A robust remix of How To Dress Well's & It Was U was thrown down and bounced around in the intimate space. Nice choice. Great support selection – really well matched with the headline and talented in his own right.

Stasia Irons and Catherine Harris-White from THEESatisfaction have an almost telepathic ability with each other. They slink on stage in perfect timing and it's a friendly introduction to their remarkable synchronicity. It was a simple set-up (a laptop and two mics) that focused our attention on their seductive vocal talent. Irons is an invigorating MC whose rhymes are challenging and warm, boasting clever, economical word play (“but I nigress…”). Harris-White's voice is a beautiful example of modern black soul and the harmonies she set up with their backing tracks were rich and sweet.

Their production was nice, even if a few songs overpowered the speaker set-up. Short, clapping-game numbers such as Bitch punctuated longer, more languid numbers such as Sweat, while the tantric sexuality of Deeper was amazing. The playful complexity of QueenS was a highlight and the interplay between Irons and Harris-White was uncanny.

No one sounds quite like THEESatisfaction and the tiny club was a perfect venue.

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