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Album Review: The War On Drugs - A Deeper Understanding

21 August 2017 | 5:41 pm | Chris Familton

"If 'meditative rock' is a genre (it is now), they are the torchbearers."

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Adam Granduciel has called this album A Deeper Understanding but it could've quite easily been called A Clearer Understanding given the clarity he's applied to his songs this time around.

He approaches them with direct and confessional lyrics that sound unquestionably autobiographical, but he's also pared back some of the hazy, gauze-like qualities of the dreamy approach he's taken to music in the past.

There is less drift and more direction in these ten songs, but that doesn't mean he's sacrificed any of that wide open sound and the propensity to indulge musically. There are still epic guitar solos, now paired up with equally grand and soaring '80s synths as the rhythm section diligently chugs and occasionally canters along with loping country rock or gently propulsive Kosmische grooves. As a result, it's a rarity for a song to be under six minutes, with Thinking Of A Place stretching to a cosmic and hypnotic 11 minutes. If 'meditative rock' is a genre (it is now), they are the torchbearers.

Vocally, Granduciel sounds less Springsteen and more Dylan, accentuating the nasal qualities of his voice, that husky whisper that always sounds wistful and like an afterthought as he searches for answers to what sound like existential questions. There's a spiritual quality to The War On Drugs but it comes across as a cosmic more than religious.

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A Deeper Understanding requires commitment from the listener and it's one of those slow reveal albums. Give it the time it deserves because this is their best and most complete album to date.