Live Review: The Presets, Roland Tings, Kult Kyss

28 June 2018 | 11:54 am | Georgia Maclaren

"With beats so heavy they pulse through the floor, it's no wonder that everybody is getting involved."

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Brisbane braces for a big night as Sydney-based duo The Presets sell out the Tivoli. The show is supported by Kult Kyss and Roland Tings, both of which, although genre relevant, fall short of memorable.

Immediately after entering the Tivoli, an energy is felt. The place is buzzing and the fans are eager. The variety of ticket holder demographics becomes extremely noticeable. Having both young and mature fans flock to the one place and get equally amped up for a show is a rare sight. It really is a testament to the ability The Presets have for making a connection with people.

Talk Like That kicks us off in epic style. The opening song is coupled with a captivating AV display and dynamic lighting, which makes clear just how much production value is in store for the audience tonight. It feels as though the room is growing with the energy from the set as vocalist Julian Hamilton becomes somewhat of a hype man for the crowd. It is hard to turn the focus away from the incredible AV display on the screen behind the boys, changing with each track to a new elaborate production — all of which are matched to the tempo and keep things fresh and colourful.

Ghosts plays and we see a change of pace again, successfully making waves throughout the audience. Fans get involved as they sing and shout along with the melody and lyrics. The dancefloor extends so far it clashes with the bar line. With beats so heavy they pulse through the floor, it's no wonder that everybody is getting involved. The show experiences a short lull, with some filler songs played out through the midpoint of the set, which is not uncommon. Seldom do you ever see an electronic show remain at its peak all the way through to the finish. The Presets are no exception.

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The show is reborn with the hit song This Boy's In Love, with a mesmerising production of lights and image to go with it. My People takes highlight of the night, bringing the most to the show in terms of excitement and production value. This track electrifies the stage and every other inch of The Tivoli. It even gets the most reserved man in the room, The Presets' keys and drums master, Kim Moyes, up and animated.

The night plays out in a playful fashion, keeping crowds entertained, and lasers and strobe lighting help finish off the night with a bang. It's safe to say that aside from the undeniable talent and stage presence The Presets possess, the real winner for the night is the obvious effort put into the production, which raised the show to a whole new level of creativity, psychedelia and 'Oomph'.