The Pork Stiletto

31 July 2012 | 4:34 pm | Dave Drayton

This side of Allsop & Henderson (i.e humorously perverted, and as weird as always) was first glimpsed at Tamarama Rock Surfers' Cut & Paste variety night last year. A short little window into the lives of an adult baby and a diaper lover day-tripping at the zoo, the skit was a tad 'off' (in the best possible way), a little unsettling and incredibly funny. The Pork Stiletto adds to this vignette an overflowing handful more of squirm-inducing sexual snapshots – the verbose verbal acrobatics of narratophilia; the erotic toaster of mechanaphilia; the slightly Francophilian exploits of an avid formicophilian…

The cast – Warwick Allsopp, Briallen Clarke, Tamlyn Henderson and Louisa Mignone – play it well, donning and shedding turn-ons with ease as they show us multiple characters and fetid fronts. Working both the comedy and comedic horror in equal parts, both aspects of the production are beautifully boisterous under Iain Sinclair's direction. The dual story arcs of police investigation and psychological study that unify these scenes (however loosely) make the play feel like a perverse almost-noir comedy – and it's damn funny – though feel underdeveloped. Individual scenes astound and are worthy of the attention their zany, somehow sexual content demands, but the whole feels perilously assembled.

Running 'til Saturday 11 August.