Album Review: The Others/Mood Swing - 'Split 7”'

19 June 2016 | 10:38 pm | Staff Writer
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A gnarly hardcore 4x4.

Earlier this month, reviewed ‘Violent Assault From The Southern Sphere’, the new split 7” from Aussie act Rust Proof and their mates in Brazil’s Worst. In that review, it was mentioned how split releases can be a great way for like-minded bands to get together, share sometime between full-length records, make killer songs and maybe even tour off the back of a release. In that exact vein, we now turn to two bands who are pretty much looking to do exactly that: with an all-Aussie affair with a split 7” from Sydney’s Mood Swing and Perth’s The Others.

Released through local labels Shaman Records and Last Ride Records, this split is about as succinct and down the middle as Aussie hardcore can get. No frills, no bullshit – just straight up ragers. Sonically, Mood Swing and The Others complement each other quite well, and although they might approach their music from slightly different angles, they both arrive at their end result with the same goals in mind: playing catchy, groovy and fist-pumping hardcore punk.

First up are The Others with ‘When It All Comes Down’. This track kicks things off with punchy drums and crisp riffs, before dropping into stomping rhythms and harsh barking vocals. Hailing from Perth, this is the newest material from the group since their ‘Rain Dance 7"’ in 2014, and there’s some noticeable progression going on. This reviewer does lament the loss of the psychedelic edge the group had with their debut record ‘Red Eyes’, however, there’s still a lot to like on display here.

On ‘Nothing To Me’, pessimistic and loathing lyricism mix with stop-start breaks and there’s some very tasty bass notes sitting prominently in the mix. There’s also no mistaking the Perth sound coming through from The Others, which recalls early efforts from seminal groups like Miles Away or Break Even.

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When Mood Swing drops in with their contribution, ‘Down Here On The Ground’ hits like a god damn hammer. These Sydney gents play with a slightly heavier, meatier and more metallic edge. This track pounds through its two-minute run-time with some solid NYHC vibes, before sweeping up the tempo with brief blast bursts and heavy vocals.

It’s been a long time coming for Mood Swing, with their last output being another split release with Melbourne’s Frozen Over on Life Lair Regret Records back in 2013. Fans of fellow Aussie acts like Relentless and Born Free will find a lot to like about what they’re doing here. Closer ‘No Utopia’ is the shortest track of the four and makes for a tense climax with some subtle twists and turns. A rising tempo builds up, before tailing off into a rousing and pile-driving finish that ends all too abruptly, with the cymbals still sizzling in the background.

With only four tracks and a total runtime that sits under ten minutes, it’s hard to fault this release on any discernible level. This split 7” plays out like a surgical strike on your senses, and these tracks are short, bittersweet and bristling with hardcore energy. It’s simple, direct and it gets the job done. The Others and Mood Swing now have some awesome new material to play, an excuse to get out on the road together, and they can cram into sweaty basements for the fuck of it all. So what are you waiting for? Chuck some cash their way, go to a show and get pitted. Cowards need not apply.

  1. The Others - When It All Comes Down
  2. The Others - Nothing To Me
  3. Mood Swing - Down Here On The Ground
  4. Mood Swing - No Utopia