Album Review: The Ninjas - The Ninjas

28 August 2014 | 11:15 am | Stephanie Tell

They play at Yah Yah’s on 12 Sep.

A chipper chord progression and echoing backing vocals on Can’t Go Back make for a fun, unassuming opener. There’s a Britpop element underpinning this track and its energetic follow-up Kill ‘Em All. The Brisbane rockers excel here, but from Yeah Yeah the EP adopts a more generic, Jet-inspired sound thanks to contained feedback, catchy riffage and elongated (but not overly showy) solos. There’s the flecking of rougher blues elements in grinding guitar tones, while frontman Josh Stewart goes all-out on the vocal front, lifting the release’s sum swank-rock factor. They play at Yah Yah’s on 12 Sep.