Album Review: The Meanies - 'It's Not Me, It's You'

11 October 2015 | 3:56 pm | Staff Writer
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Melbourne punk rockers prove they can still pump out what their fans love.

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Australian punk rockers The Meanies have been tearing up the underground scene since the late 80's, however 'It's Not Me, It's You' is the band's first release since their predecessor in 1994. It sees the band again providing listeners with their (now) classic blend of power-punk/pub rock.

'You Know The Drill', an up-tempo classic skater punk styled anthem, introduces the album effectively to listeners. 'The Shallow End's Mine', while a slight bit slower than the previous track, brings another early element to the record. While the band may be older, their music is far from dated. 'Kill' is full of life, simply an upbeat punk banger, while 'Freakout Forever' is a more frantic and fits in with the context of the album. Their is method to the intensity.

Moreover, 'Dream Age' is, dare we say, quite charming, while in succession,  'What's The Buzz Inside' strips off the reverb and kicks proceedings back into pub rock territory. Bold drumming, at a slow tempo, with vocals delivering over power chords will have listeners harking back to the glory days of Britain's punk wave.

Neighbouring tracks, 'Hug And Kiss' and 'Hey Head' are both inspired by sing-a-long choruses that will certainly go down well with a couple of brews in hand. Moreover, 'There's A Gap' is an energetic song, faster than the previous couple of tracks and full of quality punk riffage. On the album's final song, 'Punching Air', The Meanies throw all their punches into the record's climax.

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Perhaps an album for nostalgic ears, 'It's Not Me, It's You' still contains contemporary appeal. Punk in both design and purpose, there is enough here to give a tick in favour of the release.

The Meanies' latest release, 'It's Not Me, It's You', is a classic throwback to the days of pub rock. Clearly and unashamedly influenced by the bands of the British punk movement, as well as the early American power-punk-pop bands, the band has proved that you can let 21 years go by and not go stale. In saying this however, there is not much about the songs that stick out, they all blend well together and are all equally good, but, nothing comes across as the new essential The Meanies song. The only gripe with the album is its production. While it is a raw punk album, some of the vocal and drumming tracks could have been recorded a bit clearer. But let's not get bogged down in the negatives. Fans of the band, and classic punk rock in general, should not let this album fly past their radar.

1. You Know the Drill

2. The Shallow End's Mine

3. Kill

4. Freakout Forever

5. Dream Age

6. What's the Buzz Inside

7. Hug and Kiss

8. Hey Head

9. There's a Gap

10. Punchin' Air