Live Review: The Lulu Raes, Letters To Lions, Majun Bu

7 November 2015 | 10:57 am | Kassia Aksenov

"They had the crowd captivated at all times, oozing positivity as they played each upbeat track."

More The Lulu Raes More The Lulu Raes

Seldom does the opportunity arise to see three bands of such polished quality for an extremely modest door fee. Everyone’s appreciation for local entertainment was heightened, where reggae met the best of indie pop/rock to give the punters a taste of what the Sydney music scene is all about.

Sydney’s soulful six-piece Majun Bu opened the evening. It’s unusual for the first on stage to get the crowd off their comfy perches, yet Majun Bu did exactly that. How could you not move to the ravenous reggae-infused-funk that these talents produce? Pick Apart was played with precision, as was every song that Majun Bu treated us to.

Next on were indie pop-rock outfit Letters To Lions. They maintained the steady momentum of the evening as they delivered their tunes. Switching frontmen between songs had the crowd on their toes as Adam Newling gave us husky tones and Joel Osborn delivered the sweet indie moans. Recently recorded Following was a definite crowd-pleaser as everyone joyfully bopped along.

The Lulu Raes were the evening’s headliners as the curtains re-opened to reveal the Sydney boys in all their splendour. Beginning with Swing Me On A Vine Of Sunshine, they had the crowd captivated at all times, oozing positivity as they played each upbeat track. The entire room fed off The Lulu Raes' energy, so much so that the floor was bouncing and at risk of caving in from the way too enthusiastic dancing. They played Burnout towards the end of their set and, despite it getting an absolute rinsing on air recently, we loved every second of it. Ditching the guitar for the final song The Way Life Runs, Eddie Bomber Burton was an impeccably lively frontman. The Lulu Raes performed their form of sun-tinted indie pop wonderfully, encapsulating the pure essence of happiness. 

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