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Live Review: The Long Lost Brothers - The Bird

8 May 2012 | 9:45 am | Andy Snelling

Delicious lo-fi, shoegazey tunes floating out over enraptured ears.

A wet Friday night still saw a respectable turnout at The Bird as new locals with not-so-new members The Long Lost Brothers showcased some delights off their upcoming album. With support from Growl frontman Cam Avery performing his fragile solo tunes, and local crazy dudes Frozen Ocean blasting the small room with a furious lament over the loss of some biscuits, the night was off to a stellar start.

A curious crowd was well rewarded when the lads of the night The Long Lost Brothers took the stage. Delicious lo-fi, shoe-gazey tunes floating out over enraptured ears. Single Snakes And Ladders has been receiving some healthy play on the local airwaves and received a warm welcome as the set closer. Truth be told, the set had strong resemblances to frontman Andrew Ryan and Simon Struther's old band Adam Said Galore, but it's a resemblance which has surely left many a punter eager to devour the album when it drops.