Live Review: The Jungle Giants, Leo, Cabin Cults

14 December 2015 | 4:51 pm | Tash Loh

"The pit held the kind of energy usually reserved for two month old puppies and a room full of toddlers after a few litres of red cordial."

There's something about the combination of industrial train station decor and scuzzy indie-rock riffs that make you feel like you're part of some hipster elite in a trendy underground New York club. Far from the Boroughs, The Jungle Giants played up a storm in Adelaide on the Fat Controller's opening run of summer shows.

The jangly and riffy sounds of Cabin Cults invaded the air with laidback guitar and some pleasing vocal work. Special mention to drummer Rupert, who was completely mesmerising in his bashing skills.

A restless crowd shifted between the stage and the bar in an attempt to find the best view with the least amount of chatter-noise. Ripping over this were the groovy bass lines of Adelaide locals Leo, whose aerial guitar soared above and beyond the audience. A totally tight set with a sound as fierce as a lion. Adelaide music, you do well.

Despite the late hour and the rowdy crowd, Brisbane powerhouses The Jungle Giants quickly put the pieces of the venue together and messed it all up again. Opening with Skin To Bone, Sam Hales commanded the crowd. "Let's fuckin' party," was the cry from the stage as the crowd was transformed from mere humans into dancing lasers bouncing off each other with the energy of a million electrons. Seriously, the floor may as well have been made of rubber.

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Something about the band's older sound gives rise to an impressive vibe and establishes their rightfully earned place as a party band, with favourites She's A Riot and Anywhere Else inviting crowdsurfers as everyone in the room went batshit nuts. The pit held the kind of energy usually reserved for two-month-old puppies and a room full of toddlers after a few litres of red cordial, as Domesticated Man showed off just how un-domesticated the audience had become.

The lo-fi sounds of their latest work suited the aesthetics of the club as the crowd was transformed into a double-decker affair for groovy Kooky Eyes. The winner of the night absolutely had to be I Am What You Want Me To Be, with a totally offensive amount of drinks being spilt and an impressive amount of limbs being thrashed around. Every Kind Of Way closed out the set, the energy in the air almost visibly buzzing as the band exited the stage.

An overall top night. The Jungle Giants brought the fuckin' party.