Album Review: The Jealous Sound - 'A Gentle Reminder'

5 February 2012 | 9:19 pm | Staff Writer
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A gentle reminder of what quality sounds like.

The Jealous Sound's story is one similar to that which we have heard before, band acquires major labels interest and releases a brilliant debut album (2003's 'Kill Them With Kindness'), tours with some of the biggest name bands in the scene and generally seems like they are on op of the world. Then, for no obvious reason, vanishes for a good ten years.

Whilst most people figured the group were all said and done, the group reconvened in 2009 for a tour with Sunny Day Real Estate following up with their second record 'A Gentle Reminder.' Fans of the early naughties alternative rock scene can rejoice as the band have returned, stronger than ever, with a worthy follow up to the debut.

Opening track Beautiful Morning, is a simple song, both musically and lyrically, which conveys the relaxed, laid back approach the members of the group have taken towards the band this time around as a result of their down time. A highlight is Your Eyes Were Shining, a pacey song with plenty of space, strong vocal melodies and heart wrenching guitar lines which build with the rhythm section serving as a reminder of why the music born of this scene was so good.

The softer, melancholy vibe that has always been present in The Jealous Sound's music is the main driver of this record however there are moments when things pick up and become a little more aggressive, such as the chorus lines of another standout track, Equilibrium. The finer points of the record happen when the band's layered rhythms come to a head in tracks like Change You, with song structures becoming a little more unique and off kilter.

The band rely heavily on the nostalgic return to their original style and as a result steer clear of pushing too many boundaries. This also means that things can sound a little repetitive by the album's end, but the quality of the song writing is consistent from start to finish.

Whether the group decide to stick around for a little longer this time to become a fully functioning touring act or not, 'A Gentle Reminder' feels and sounds like it came out naturally. This may explain the band's weird timeline, not forcing the music and just letting it happen, but regardless, waiting ten years for records as solid as this one seems worthwhile.

1. Beautiful Morning
2. Change You
3. Promise of The West
4. Your Eyes Were Shining
5. This Is Where It Starts
6. Here Comes The Ride
7. Equilibrium
8. Perfect Timing
9. A Gentle Reminder
10. Waiting For Your Arrival