Album Review: The Dandelion - Seeds Flowers And Magical Powers Of The Dandelion

3 September 2015 | 4:08 pm | Cara Oliveri

"This psychedelic wildflower is dangerously intoxicating."

Planting us firmly in the colourful '60s, Seeds, Flowers And Magical Powers Of The Dandelion runs through a field of wild psychedelia.

Blossoming instrumentals and Eastern aromas, The Dandelion's second album is strangely spellbinding. I Stole The Medicine Man and In The Shadow Of Light cast their magical charm and lure us into the cosmic pastures of So What Do You Think Of Space and Garden Witchcraft. But no tune smells sweeter than A Sweet Death Song. Tiptoeing through a tangle of pastel guitars and exotic organs, this psychedelic wildflower is dangerously intoxicating.