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Live Review: The Bronx, High Tension, Private Function

29 October 2018 | 2:51 pm | Kerrie Geier

"I am not sure who enjoyed the experience more, Caughthran or the punters as beers and body-parts went flying."

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Sunday night saw The Bronx return to Adelaide accompanied by an outstanding selection of support from Aussie bands Private Function and High Tension.

Melbourne’s Private Function walked on stage just after 8pm to a small crowd, but they played like the venue was full of their hardcore fans. The humour of this band is evident, with songs like I Wish Australia Had Its Guns Again and No Hat No Play. They offer a very Australian brand of punk, the banter between songs was great, and there is no doubt that they made some new fans with their set.

I was very much looking forward to seeing High Tension again, and they didn’t disappoint. The singer Karina Utomo is such a captivating performer who gives everything when she is on stage. So much so that she took a tumble right off of the stage and landed directly in this writer's lap as I was photographing them. Utomo did not miss a single beat and was unharmed, but this is just another reason why photographers are so important!

The crowd were well and truly warmed up and ready as The Bronx slammed right into their set without ceremony. They kicked off with the growly guitars of The Unholy Hand. The Bronx hail from California and have an energetic, upbeat sound, and live they really channel the '80’s California punk bands that inspired them. Matt Caughthran is an engaging and energetic frontman that is always dialled up to 11, and it was incredible watching him performing songs such as Sore Throat and Shitty Future while whipping the crowd up into a hurricane.

Caughthran told the Adelaide crowd that the band had taken the day off yesterday to explore the city. Even for a hardened LA punk band he was both shocked and strangely impressed by their visit to Hindley Street, where he said “everyone was so fucked up” before jumping straight into White Guilt. 

With its smaller stage, The Gov offers an intimate atmosphere for getting up close to bands. Yet, Caughthran wanted to get even closer. He delivered much of the second half of the set from within the mess of the excited crowd, who welcomed him as he wandering around. I am not sure who enjoyed the experience more, Caughthran or the punters as beers and body-parts went flying.

The Bronx rounded out their main set with the catchy Ribcage and finished with Around The Horn, a perfect singalong number. After returning for an encore, it was certain that they had left the crowd spent and happy.